Virtual WG Party

Let’s start off the semester break with our Party!

This is to give you a quick overview what’s planned plus a brief how-to for using the tool If you run into any technical issues or have other relevant queries, please send us a quick mail over to or ask for Matthias Meller, Amelie Anders or Nadine Patzelt.

🥳 Joining the virtual WG Party

Open this link to enter our WG Party online venue:

You don’t need a password. Please use Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your computer. Firefox and mobile phones unfortunately are no longer supported.

🎉 The Program

8:00 pm to open-end

After a few quick updates from the Alumni Network initiative, feel free to mix and mingle and join thematic tables to …

Beyond, allows you to easily jump from conversations to the next.


We’re using the tool, a Germany-based tool for creating virtual meeting spaces. Please review its privacy policy (and FAQ) prior to joining.

Again, make sure to use Chrome or Microsoft Edge. No worries, you also don’t have download anything, it’s all browser-based. Be sure to have a decent internet connection and connect your computer to power.

Enable camera and microphone

2. Enter your name and take a nice photo

The photo is your avatar in that allows others to spot you in our virtual WG Party venue. Make sure to look stellar 😊

Enter your name, take a photo

3. Welcome to the WG Party space

Make yourself at home, be sure everything works for you.


4. Zoom in to explore …

… who else is around and what tables or conversations you could join.

Zoom in